Friday, April 4, 2014

Our Dawn is Now!

Pretext: This poem is about the period of flux that our nation is experiencing today. A humble attempt at capturing the theatre of the yudhbhumi - a clean & strong India . This poem is dedicated to the indefatigable spirit of many of my friends, the volunteers of the Aam Aadmi Party & all my fellow Indians who seek a better India. 

Sharpen your courage, strengthen your arms!

There is a fire blazing – insatiable, unrelenting.
Can you smell the fear - rats running amuck, snakes spewing venom!
There is a throbbing in the air - an uprising is here.

The ground beneath has broken. Pale in fear,
There is a sullen horde, running for cover.
Pale in fear, with pared strides – their quiver, our pride.

When it started, a few men had the audacity - to question.
Today we have the fist - to break bad.
Time has come – now, we take back our nation!

The water cannons, the guns, the lathis – could not stop
An idea - whose time has come. An idea about freedom,
An idea about ownership, An idea about will.

Humble candles we lit, the many nights on the streets,
Ignored, they were, as passing displeasure.
The plight of those who did - today they squirm.

We stand today to give our due, in lieu
Of the many men that stood for us, years back.
For the children that inherit our places, as we rest.

I am just returning – my due, & you yours. For there is no war,
More correct; No blood is shed here, only truth enraged.
There is sweet pain! But, the spirit is content.

Our battle has only begun, our dawn is now!

PS: Its been a while since I have written a poem, around 3.5years precisely. I took this as a period of introspection, a period to identify where I fit in the larger scheme of things. Today, I believe I have more clarity & so this poem. 


दर्शन said...

Something within must keep burning ..we will lit the change probably together again ..

दर्शन said...

Something within must keep burning ..we will lit the change probably together again ..