Thursday, November 20, 2008

Singing Silence

There she stood in a Goddess stance
With twinkling eyes – sharp and black, 
That pierced my heart – fragile. 
Tulip petals mixed in a dance of yellow & red -
As though a spring summer blessed in bloom,
 Fluttered along me in a consummate trance.

Her fragrance spread in the lazy breeze
Far-flung like the reach of a bright sun’s rays,
Onto me; now lost only to be found by her.

As she traced a path - so pearly white,
 Towards me, I could not but fall 
Weak in my knees; now powerless and entranced.

As though in still grace, she appeared 
To flow; unlike a human stride,
While songbirds fluttered in symphony – Music!! 

‘Where am I?’ A question in such distraught 
Arose in me - on the path of His love. 
To win is to lose now and to lose is to win.

“Oh Supreme Soul, beloved to you 
Shall I presume now my humbled myself!  
This love of You unto me, My Lord, perplexes me!” 

What have I, but done to deserve 
In my human sight, a blessed spectacle 
Of one of your beloved Angel’s”

In reply was Silence, as always His answer.

- Arun Raj | 20th Nov 2008

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Love is Giving - Unconditionally

Have you observed in your love for your mother, father, brother, friend, lover or best friend that un-questioned and un-ending flow of giving? There, lies the best form of true love. Here, there is no confusion or conflict and love becomes the most pleasurable experience. It gives meaning to life. It makes us feel complete. It makes us happy.

Love gives meaning to life. It makes us feel complete. It makes us happy.

But what makes this love difficult to maintain and sustain?!! Observe again! Why? As these relationships develop, there is a build up expectations around these relationships. In a friend and/or lover we expect loyalty and a return of the love given, when you need it. Parents expect respect back for the love they have given and we expect them to understand us and stand by us for our interests and desires. We get absorbed to the love to the extent where detachment or inexistence of this love would leave us meaningless and empty.

As relationships develop, there is a build up expectations around these relationships.

We all wish to be loved and we fall in love with others. Why are we so full of ourselves not being able to show the other cheek while being hit? Why can we not give without expecting in return? Why can we not trust in the decisions of the ones we love? We can we not let go? We attach our happiness so much unto loved ones that we forget logic and rationality. With this many times, we end up hurting the ones we love.

Let us all just try to let go and trust in God - The Ultimate Giver.

Give love without bounds and let it shall naturally rebound to you, while not trying to capture it or get lost in it - blinded. And thus, have faith in this inherent nature of any form of love - the attitude of unconditional giving.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The All Nonsense Approach to life & happiness

Let’s start with a small exercise - Stick your tongue out and try to touch the tip of your nose. Put an effort at it, I know you can do it. OK! If you find it difficult then takes you through the steps of getting it done -

What is you first temptation – To try and touch it or Is it disgust? Now, when some of you might have even attempted this, I know for sure you might have at least been tempted to click the link. The forbidden fruit or a relatively unusual activity like this is tempting at best, but that voice inside your head that cries “… Nonsense! Nonsense!! …” steals the cake from you.

Why is it so? Why did Adam & Eve have to pluck the fruit forbidden by GOD or why do a lot of top notch leaders and ambitious people have difficult phases in their past to talk about or why does the Fox give up on the grapes that were a little high for him to catch hold off, why does he not try before concluding – ‘they are sour’? It is all in the mind.

Breaking away from the usual nature of habits and general cultural bindings is as difficult as touching the tip of your nose with your tongue. We either give up trying or we succeed at the effort. But none of us are weary of its lure. Be it the need to diet and get that flat tummy or be it hitting on that really hot neighbor or be it that car which is the wallpaper on your desktop!

Since, the moment we are born we are asked not to do this or that, don’t climb that tree, don’t go near the cliff, don’t mingle with strangers, don’t roam around late night, stay away from alcohol, do not bunk classes and what not. Do we abide by any of that? And when we do not, what happens? … A Guilt Trip … very synonymous to a road trip –impromptu & uncalled for.

The All non-sense approach does not claim that it has an answer to Guilt trips and the desirability of the forbidden fruit. It just says that:

“When life becomes nonsensically complicated and you have no answers, you are lost and trying to catch up with that slippery dream or desire … You need to get a life Dudes & Gals!! Break away and eat that forbidden fruit … Now! Not tomorrow! Not a year later … Right now! … And also may be sit and contemplate at the edge of a steep cliff if you really want what you desire & want so badly”.

What is first thing that races through your mind? What is the craziest thing you ever wanted to do? List it down and read it out. Don’t leave a single thing you wished or desired to do out of the list. Your deeply embedded rationale on feasibility would now bite you. But, learn to ignore it or defy it, at least when you write it down.

If you even consider this nonsense that I am suggesting to you, then initially it is going to be tough ride. Your principles, ideologies, culture, traditions, precognitive misdirection and confusions will drive you to ignore many an impulse action. Compete with it! Yes, Compete! See who is stronger. Fight the very fabric of your existence - your beliefs, faith, assumptions, and presumptions. Ask why things are the way they are are. Question everything & Live as if nothing is stopping you (whilst being responsible with as minimum disruption to others as possible ;) )

Trust me, if your assumptions or belief is right (I do not wish to get into defining right here. It’s a matter of your own interpretation.), then be proud of what you know. But, if they are wrong then do not worry, the realization of what you believed was wrong is difficult; like you getting to know your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband was cheating on you. Be aware that it can disturb you and put you into doubt and trouble you. But, don’t you think living with the truth is better than being an ignorant fool lifelong or having done something to your hearts desire and content, is something worth effort.

What do you think? Tell me about it … Try that nonsensical thing and tell me how you feel !!!