Sunday, April 4, 2010

Love has come!

One too many light-years it felt but,
A silent drought just gave way;

To a burst of misplaced happiness!

A wind blew under my feet, tickling

My failing senses amuck with sensations

I thought lost & past revival.

To spread arms and seeking to embrace each breathing

And non-breathing gift - God’s mischiefs,

Wished a heart that took to steps of its own!

An orchestra - Violins, Bass & grand Pianos,

Leave their stern conductors, to take a stance

With the flutes, clarinets & trumpets in tango.

The percussion, to its soul notes played

Free of their maestros, in a rhythm unheard;

To match each splashing drop of the impulsive rain that begun.

As the world around took to its random heart steps

The Gods gift the sun-pleasured earth with

A stray shower sparkling in tints of pink roses & tulips yellow.

A stubborn bolt of lightning, finds its way
Through a lazy dark cloud, to the middle;
And skid haplessly in the acoustic trance of the percussion.

Smitten and their workday un-mind, a few passerby -

Embracing a lost rhythm in them, flaunt

A forgotten drift in their own songs.

The loved, lost & the have-nots alike walked

Along me in a symphony alive; shaking off the mundane,

The withered & the worn; born to a fresh heart.

I look over my shoulder to find,

A fallen leaf – still fresh from its tree’s song,

Jiggles away with no fret of its impending demise.

I feel a pyre – dancing in a bright yellow flame,

Setting off the lost to ash, taken away in a rootless

Stream steered confused by the fallen bolt of lightning.

And so came love - back to me – back

As a spark and left me claiming excited -

Love has come!


Linky said...

Kya Baat Kya Baat Kya Baat!! WOW feeling has finally come to U.....GRT!!

Debby said...

Its beautiful.
As beautiful as I daresay, love itself.
Loved the use of colours in this poem... very bright, very pleasant! :)

Arun Raj said...

@Debby - Exactly the objective... To word love itself and give it a life :) Glad that you enjoyed it !!