Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celebrating my most treasured Women : Part 3(i)/3 – Friends

As some wise people have said, ‘Friends are family you get to chose!” I can stand testimony to this and claim that some of my closest friends are as good as Family to me. And above this, a Woman as a friend tends to be more to both man or woman than just a passing commentator on what you should do and not do. They take up every role that can be thought of – as the cushions that support your fall, as a mother that cares for you, as a sister who stands by you no matter what & a friend that fights for you.

These here are few Women whom I respect for their abilities to spread hope, love and yet stand unfazed through difficulties.

Rupa Bidap – Counsel, Great Friend & Cynic Extraordinaire

This irreverent petite lady packs quite a punch and can easily be passed on as irrelevant, but that is until she speaks her mind out. Her calculated irreverence has the strength to overwhelm any opponent that comes within her ring of fire. Making her the perfect person to set the sails of senses into you!

Life has made her tough as a stone but her womanly sensitivity lies dormant and takes expression unlike any other human being. She takes to counsel, direct or support for you, from her refined sense street smartness. She is the quintessential self-made woman, unfazed by the very things that effect normal people.

Sonia Singh – Friend, Big Sister
& sometimes Mother

We met as part of my volunteer activities with our Project – AID Prayas around 2 years and our friendship grew as if we were destined to meet. The session that defined our friendship was one where we were interrogated for a bombing attempt in a mall in NOIDA. Its true and you can read about it here !

Sonia, I am sure was designed to and will become a great Mother one day. This lady is a classic example of the perfect Mother – exceedingly caring, asks you what exactly you want to have and gets it prepared for you, sits to listen to you, keeps reassuring that everything will be alright, sets your blanket for you at bedtime & tells you to keep your shoes outside the house and wash your feet.

Both these women being demanding professionals are respected by team-mates, partners & friends alike. They are known for their focused, reliable and assertive approach. Ambitious but still close to their essence of being a Woman (at least in the classic definition).

Arun Raj

PS: Its taking me time to close this bit. Part 2 of this finale post is in the writing, will try to finish it the next few days. :)


selva ganapathy said...

Sonia is adorable.. no doubt in that.. I don't know the other one though... good one!

You should have written the 4th part as well.. there are a few females name missing!

Sonia said...

Coming from a feminist..It's treasured totally. :-)