Monday, March 8, 2010

Celebrating my most treasured Women: Part 2/3 – The Fighters of AID Prayas

Working at Prayas I have seen my share of instant gratification searching individuals. But then there have been a few people who I have worked with in the past 3+ years tenure as a volunteer for AID Prayas, whose work and value cannot be justified by words. Today on Women's day I would like to highlight some individual ladies without whom Prayas as it is today would not have been so.

These ladies have all the basic traits of any woman - Compassionate, Caring, Devoted, & yet much more.

Charu Garg

This write up is going to give her the shock of her life but this really what i think of her.

All the arguments and nonsense talk that we do apart, I have seen this lady grow in devotion to the children of Prayas and also shown a keen but dispassionate & balanced position for the activities at Prayas. Without much talk and all action I am floored by the self-driven motivation she has under the pressures she face from home and parents.

Linkan Subudhi

This one is a fighter lady. With a heightened sense of self-awareness, she can be arrogant but yet with clarity on her position. She can fearlessly pickup fights to fix the wrong while being aware of her individual limitations.

Like the other ladies at Prayas her devotion to date is unshakable and unquestionable. Strong, independent and self-motivated, this is the way I believe all women should be.


Oh my God ! If you know this lady you would agree with me that the phrase 'Gift of gab' should be rewritten as 'Gift of Anuradha'.

I have known her for 3years now and she has not changed one bit. Talk about self-satisfaction at such a young age. This tanker of humor and unbridled energy has the very important task of keeping the energy levels high at our team meetings and sessions at Prayas.

I would also go to the extend to say, she single-handedly did turn around Prayas at one point.

Aakanksha Singh

I have to agree that I don't know her too well, but I am impressed by the way she has taken up the more under-understood tasks at Prayas and is driven and focused on it. It is always difficult to take the initiative towards the path less-trodden. Mostly soft-spoken, but the words I get to hear about her perspectives on social issues and working of Prayas I feel all the more proud that we have had the honor of working with such an individual.

The mettle and devotion shown by these ladies are highly commendable and are worthy of every praise that can be showered on them.

I salute you Ladies!

[NOTE: The ordering of names above has no relevance. :P]


Linky said...

I know Arun, U and all our friends in Prayas do understand the values of a women very well but at a certain point u can express the values with your very nice words, more than anyone.

Anonymous said...

Do they have a men's day or something? It wouldn't hurt to have a sugary testimonial coming my way :-). Humour aside, I share your respect for ladies as a whole as well as the ladies that found a mention in this post.

Anonymous said...

aale arun.....
thanks kehne ka banta hai na warna next time tu hum logo ki tareef nahi karega.... [:p]

chal thanks n tu bhi bht acha hai...

selva ganapathy said...

I second Pulkit!... both the points!.... long live ladies! :)

Ashu said...

Thanks for discussing us as well...:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Arun, yes and i do agree that u have given me a shock, and you talked about the surprise...this is indeed is a nice surprise. Thanks again....