Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Plight of war !

Times of Unhope and distress spread wide,
When breaketh loose, hell’s Mistress on Earth’s crust.
While many action-less, uncouth in passion to lace our souls,
She reigns and maims bodies and souls.

The mistress of hell declares to have achieved a feat,
With her command over lay souls, she defeats
Sometimes true souls in light of Love and Faith,
With her warriors Distrust, Deceit, Pride and Greed.

What began as a bout of a common ego,
Takes a trip that severs ties across obscure boundaries. Some go
To the fields of fray on the whims of others,
Convinced of a better tomorrow with the end of another’s.

Layman ignorance of many a low soul
Have been cause for one too many a gaping hole.
A generation maimed but breathing, in the terror of a moment
Lost in time but scarred in permanence; for another – indifferent!

The plight of War is now one chance to prove,
What for one is Truth and what another may disapprove.
But in this toil between the Mistress and Truth
Be aware though, doeth innocent souls suffer the wrath.

Praying Peace - Arun Raj

[Note: This poem was written around the first year, in 2005, when I realized I could write. It won me a third prize, that I shared with three others, in a college poetry event. A humble beginning, but was a light of hope for me. Hope to be useful with my words going forward. Thanks for following & your honest inputs :) ]

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