Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Woman’s Persuasion

Her curls stranded in fidgety fingers
“Your words by no means pardon deserve.”

He takes her arm – reluctance showing,
“My words match not my heart’s pleasure.”

Her qualm reserve striking a frown,
“Your failing resolve is my heart’s displeasure.”

He to goes down on his knees - in a light laugh,
“Bequeath your heart - unto me, & I pledge otherwise.”

A ray of light settled her eyes to a long blink,
“So you promise – to never let me down?”

Raising himself, his eyes – sparkling in hope,
“To my best breath – till it lasts with strength!”

She stood along in a silence,
“There is a meaning to the words I say.”

And He - in his pleading best.
“Hidden in that evasive smile of yours.”

In a claiming stance, she holds his arms,
“And in every word I wish the audience in you.”

- Arun Raj

The woman always has the last word.


Chavi said...

Really nice..its just wonderful !

selva ganapathy said...

She stood along in a silence,
“There is a meaning to the words I say.”

iski majaa hi alag hai :P.... you could have brought in a few drizzles as well.... that would have spice up a bit!

Raj said...

@Chavi - Thanks to you for the inspiration to begin this one :)

@Selva - Its difficult to read into what women say. It is always cryptic and men have to put an extra brain into interpreting each word they use. That is exactly what this particular line captures :)

prachi aggarwal said...

i cant stop smiling after reading this..women does like to have the last word...bt yep..once again a great poem!

Raj said...

@Prachi - Yea. It seems to be the bitter truth :) I am not sure about if the poem is greatness material. But I sure hope to keep writing better with all the wonderful ppl like you that support and promote my works :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Oh yes, the woman always has the last word!