Saturday, May 23, 2009

A broken heart's song

A broken heart wishes hard,
To mend itself from a few broken shard.

Tears of blue blood,
In fear of the next stray sword.

Slayed by pain of wrought memories,
I own a mind fray in vain worries.

The last fall sparks a distant cue -
All the play & games, ends in an unfair rue.

I hold on to a tiny thread of hope,
Lying await for your words of love speak to drop.

I push harder in a stray hope
To make you feel my silent hope.

My last wish now, I wish a little harder;
To stop my broken heart's leak!

~Arun Raj

1 comment:

selva ganapathy said...

as far as I know if heart breaks it might stop functioning and if it stops functioning we will die :P....