Friday, February 13, 2009

A Prayer for You

I wish for you today - The sun shines 
Brighter for you, unlike any other day - before today. 
With harps of hope strumming to odes 
Of certain times of love & happiness ahead.

I wish for you today - A friend long lost,
Shall come back; to your surprise and heartfelt elation. 
And bring back those memories of summer days,
When you shared a cool lemonade or two.

I wish for you today - Strangers that smile
Unreasoned & unfettered. Let the birds & passer-by's 
Sing for you unbound; expressing their joyful excitement 
With placid thoughts in faith of our silent lord - almighty.

I wish for you today - A cup of tea;
You could sip by a placid street; that flatters your senses
To an instant churn of dancing temptations. 
I wish you a sip –a stolen moment, with you and yourself.

I wish for you today – A satisfying day; as it ends
Full of wishes fulfilled. A day as it ends in the light 
Of a starlit sky Where dreams are only reality doused 
In vivid colors, onto the canvas of life and its inconspicuous gifts.

I wish you sleep today, in assurance of a better day 
Tomorrow; where right’s and wrong’s are beyond you and are just 
Decisions you make which doeth not control who you are.
I wish for you today – Let tomorrow be a better day than today.

- Arun Raj

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Purnima said...

Better then last on.. likhte raho...