Thursday, February 19, 2009

God has given me two eyes - One to look at you and One to look inside you.

Why did I feel that? I have always felt that people are inherently good. I truly and deeply believe, there is somewhere deep inside them a lost innocence and beauty, as if a new born baby - peaceful, naive and calm. A state where doubts, fears, worries & discontent dissolves into inexistence. Actions here are not influenced or intimidated into being, they are but following a natural course of life's happenings.

Abstract and confusing is it? Yes, because you may feel you have not felt this exact state or will never be able to feel it. But you may not be correct in presuming that fact.

  • Notice and observe the precise moments before you drift into deep sleep after a day of hard work. When all sounds around you, however disturbing they may be, would not be able to upset your tired drowsy eyes shutting down.
  • Notice that peaceful moment when you wake up early in the morning as the sun rises and a gleaming ray breaks through and pierces your eyelids as if a blessing in disguise. You feel fresh and blissful.
  • The moment you lie on your mother's lap to shed a tear or rest a while. When there is a peace, a sense of security inexplicable in any of our spoken languages.
  • Remember the peace you feel when you look at a new born baby; sleeping as if lost and unconcerned of everything around it. 

In that moment of peace you are who you really are; away from the deamons & conflicts that consume each of us. Very few moments in life do we truly feel and experience this peace. (Tell me of any more if you wish to share) 

And so I feel blessed & humbled today that I have two eyes. So, I can use one to see the discomfort and discontent of your immediate self that makes you suceptible to anger, fear, doubts & discontent. I can see the pain and feel it at times because I myself am nothing but like you, may be lesser. Then I use the other eye to see through, to your peaceful self full of goodness, love and undisturbed bliss. I see that you can live in peace with yourself to start with and then the world at large. 

We are all in this search to find this peace, but still it manages to evade & fail us when we need it most. But why must it be so? In the search for this peace, we at most times associate wrongly with material pleasures and immediate cravings of our bare instincts lust. In the search for this peace, we associate this search wrongly to our unending wants and desires, to find ourselves dis-satisfied and lost, as they cease to satisfy us for long. In the search for this peace, we follow paths we may not trust. And, now we are lost in our own undoing, in displeasure with the state of our existence.

If you are here then I can see you. If you are here then He can see you. If you are here then you need to see Him. My eyes can only see the two sides of you but not help you find your true self. My eyes can only tell you that you need find a way to go deep through the bushes and thorns that you grew around yourself and find the light of peace inside you. 

I wish now only that you find yours and I wish to be able to keep mine for as long as I can. 

In an honest search for peace ...

- Arun Raj

PS: I am open to a counter, questioning & thrashing (if so need be) of my ideas and thoughts. Do you still have a question of how my eyes are able to see inside you? I will be answering this in the following posts. With this post I implore you to explore inside yourself and listen to yourself.


* There are ways to sustain and relish this peace whenever you need it or for eternity. You would not be able to accept it if I tell you this. But then this is the only solution - DETACHMENT, MEDITATION & FAITH.

** Most of my influence is from the Bhagvad Gita's conversation, J krishnamurti, Gandhian Philosophy, the presentation of Jesus in the Bible & pure interest of finding the evasive inner peace.

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