Thursday, January 22, 2009

True Love is taken by hard work, not made in heaven !!

The Patao Secrets is a series I have wanted to start for a while but did not get the right topic to begin it with. Then, finally I found it and here it goes ... True Love is taken by hard work, not made in heaven !!

I have always wondered why people are ignorant or lazy enough to not work towards finding the right person or the 'love of their life'. Its difficult to convince many to even work beyond what they think is right with finding a soulmate. While some say it is about waiting for the right woman/man, another says its about love at first sight, and yet another that feels 'who gives a damn, if somebody likes me the way I am them its fine.' 

Is it the fear of failure trying or is it the fear of losing love or is it just no interest in putting effort into trying that girl or guy that they like (lazy in a way)? I say its all and mostly a mix of the above reasons. You might have observed sometime that the bad guys get the good girls and vice versa. But have you thought why?

Its about a full-hearted effort that transcends beyond shells of doubts, confusion, fear of failure which can not only win hearts but also make them loyally aligned towards you for a lifetime - mostly called True Love. True Love arises out of efforts that are undemanding, giving and consistent efforts at keeping the other person happy. Now, this is true for all forms of love - paternal, maternal, sibling, friendly & any other that I may have missed listing.
 Love also does not happen by chance. 
There will surely be one set of people who feels that true love is serendipity (happens by pure chance). I believe chance and luck are for lazy people who feel life will be offered to them on a platter. The true winner is always that person who prepares for an opportunity and is aware and ready to grab it (will talk in detail about this in another blog). Love also does not happen by chance. 

In seduction theory, they say every victim, for a seducer, has something missing in their life that can only be completed by another person. If you are able to meet this requirement for somebody & somebody can meet yours then there is your love. Like a child needs its mothers attention when its an infant or like brother or sister that is exactly there to save you when you need them. This is applicable very much for a woman & man's love for each other. As parents, siblings & friends move on with life and you need to find that one somebody who can fill in their gap.

So if you have sombody that you like go ahead ask him/her out or just talk to them. If there is sombody that you love but have not been able to tell them so but you think you have given them your best - tell them about your love. Don't waste time. If it does not work out there is clearly something not right and you need to keep confident to finding that right companion. Because, the right companion does not just happen by chance, they happen by effort, observation and then consistent compassion unbounded.

Let me know what you feel :)

- Arun Raj 

PS: I do not defy the fact that its about a balance two individuals, but I am infering that if you can do it from your side only with such compassion then any heart will melt. In love, think only as much as necessary. Overthinking will depress you, causing confusion, jealousy, and a myriad of other issues. I myself have had a couple of aching heartbreaks but I still believe love is about - Try, Try, Try again ... :)


selva ganapathy said...

bull shit!

richa said...

without reading ur blog...
I can say this much tht
i totally agree with selva ...

The Evening Artist said...

I totally agree with you, Arun. Love is a choice you make, more than a chance you wait for. I learnt it the hard way. I was there when you had one of those heartaches ;) Memories pal, memories. Nice post btw. Keep it going. You've got one interested reader :D

Raj said...

A clear difference in thought visible here :) Expected ... But however the detractors do not have a reasoning enough and until then I would ignore those comments as not happening.

@ Sajen : Thnx Bro !! I am still wooing her hard even now ... She is a tough one :P

selva ganapathy said...

the detractors would not only give a reason but also justify it... give some time!!...