Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So you are lost? - Then DANCE !

There are times in life when we just need to let go. There are things that happen to us which are completely beyond our control. No matter what we do to counter it, it just tends to happen eventually. Then all our efforts towards stopping it seem futile and we lose hope. Here comes that over/under-rated superior being we all, with all due respect, call GOD.

Being lost in contemplation, deep in the worry of things beyond our control we fret and panic at simple things. Daily activities seem like a chore and hope seems dead and beyond reach. Being here is the most difficult part as whatever another person tells you, you are just not able to hear it. You are lost in the noise that your incapacitating worry has caused you. 'Where am I?' a voice inside you cries out in search for an answer.

You are but only ripe to hear a simple, lost voice called the inner voice or the voice from inside you. Some also comfortably call it - The voice of God, even others that call it the 'heart's calling'. Be it whatever you call that voice, this is the only way out for you. But then, you ask - How do we let the voice out into the audible & perceivable realm? Again, simple - Just Dance it out!!!

Think about it when do you dance or even better why do you dance? Dancing relieves you and sets you free to be. Dancing leaves you happy at the end of it.

The way you perceive - Dance, can be taken both literally and virtually; however you may feel comfortable. Dance through spreading happiness; dance through giving in kind to the needy; dance in the love of the gifts you have received past & present; Dance in the love of God. Dance like no one is watching. Let the true you get an expression of being. Shake a leg and boogie a little!!!

There is nothing you really need to worry about as what is destined shall happen. You can only do your best and look forward. For in reality there is no space or time for the one's that complain and say 'I can't!'.  As they say in the Bhagvad Gita - 'Sambhavami yuge yuge'. What has to happen shall happen and will keep happening.

So if you are wondering why I am preaching, I would say it is for all the people I love who are lost and seeking direction. I am a believer and practitioner of most things I profess. And I can assure this to you – “If you Dance your heart out, then life will be filled with the brightness and beauty as in a flower in full bloom.”

With Lots of Love :)

Arun Raj


Tarun Gupta said...

This blog was really nice, are you the original writer .... If yes then its really nice and you should continue writing.

In Serch of ...... said...

hmm you are like harbhajan singh in writing ..
when he is in form he take all the wickets otherwise he could be out of national side :) ..
so this time preety nice performance on the ground of writing by you ..

it can spread hope among people coz now a days maximum no.s of people are In search of something which is unknown and the noise can't allow them to listen their own inner voice or Call of God !!!

good one !!

Purnima said...

hello, sounds ok!!! so so

selva ganapathy said...

four out of ten.. looks like you are desperately keeping your blog alive by posting some or the other... there is a lot of hurry clearly visible on the article.....

The theme is pretty good and the presentation has not matched it..... phir se likho

Raj said...

@ Selva - Now as in all my posts there are people who admire it and there are others who do not. I am fine with that.

And NO, I am not trying to keep my blog alive ... I am only trying to blog more often and write more often. I am just taking to my writing a little more seriously.

@ Others - Thanx for your comments :) It really helps :)