Thursday, November 20, 2008

Singing Silence

There she stood in a Goddess stance
With twinkling eyes – sharp and black, 
That pierced my heart – fragile. 
Tulip petals mixed in a dance of yellow & red -
As though a spring summer blessed in bloom,
 Fluttered along me in a consummate trance.

Her fragrance spread in the lazy breeze
Far-flung like the reach of a bright sun’s rays,
Onto me; now lost only to be found by her.

As she traced a path - so pearly white,
 Towards me, I could not but fall 
Weak in my knees; now powerless and entranced.

As though in still grace, she appeared 
To flow; unlike a human stride,
While songbirds fluttered in symphony – Music!! 

‘Where am I?’ A question in such distraught 
Arose in me - on the path of His love. 
To win is to lose now and to lose is to win.

“Oh Supreme Soul, beloved to you 
Shall I presume now my humbled myself!  
This love of You unto me, My Lord, perplexes me!” 

What have I, but done to deserve 
In my human sight, a blessed spectacle 
Of one of your beloved Angel’s”

In reply was Silence, as always His answer.

- Arun Raj | 20th Nov 2008

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