Thursday, October 23, 2008

Which Diet are you on?

No thank you!! I would like to have my regular meals with enough of butter and chicken and as spicy as possible. And so, would I have responded to an intense conversation that was bubbling first thing in office today morning. But then I preferred to stay mum in response.

It started with one lovely lady in my team that messed up on her GM diet plan because she was too tempted by real food. As she shared the same with another team-mate, also on the same diet plan, a bunch of ladies in nearby cubicles caught up to the conversation. Interesting new diet plans were given the light of day. Diet plans, alternative diets, likes & dis-likes being expressed as if it were some serious political debate.

To my surprise, there were some men who were on diets. As interesting as it sounds, to add to this, it was a guy in the team that actually presented a diet plan which a few have already started with. At this point, some guys & gals delved into the conversation just because they were rather perplexed on the need for any form of starving yourself; much like me. As I heard this, I let out a sigh of relief for the reason that there were still people on real food.

So are you on a diet?

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