Saturday, May 3, 2008

She paints our lives …

Tell life to take second rung,
As unto you lies a world unsung.
Take sips of the lazy, swift flow breeze,
Strumming leaves on branches to discrete notes.

Gleaming droplets of early fog at sunshine break,
From a windowsill; for you always in drape.
The lazy drop that splits a thousand pieces on fall,
Puts space and time in a suspended stall.

Long tread have many in search of peace,
The Kings, the Peasants and Princes of Greece.
Some though not, but others did find,
Pleasures in songs or spiritual bliss.

Few here absorb right my subject – so beautiful,
Understated, unsung she cares for a us – a ton.
In Morning dew, chirping birds, the wildest lions,
Tall tree oaks and oceans wides, she lives – Mother Nature.



selva ganapathy said...

"Few here absorb right my subject – so beautiful"

You've said it right... a few do absorb it right... a few do sense the pleasant presence of the mother nature.... a few do respect her... Good to see a poem on it... will consider for next month's newsletter and if you permit for the AID India's NL too :D


"Darshan" said...

Well Written !!