Monday, May 12, 2008


I spread my hands and feel the breeze.
To fly, I wish to every GOD I know;
‘With this passing gale take me along, and tease
Me with streams of air as chilled as snow.
Where humming birds and hunting hawks
Stray ever so free into the limitless enclose.
The sky I wish to talk to it so, closely and near
That, a fall to the floor becomes an insignified fear.’

I spread my hands and feel the breeze.

I sit and wish to a passer by – a lady.
Beautiful and starkly angelic at first sight
Could look at me and shine a gaily
Smile; that would flight me off to the pearly gates.
Where blessed souls and winged spirits
Flow with graceful movements - an elegant sight.
With her to sail on the sparkly waters of virgin seas
Devoid of destinations and directing pleas.

I sit and wish to a passer by – a lady.

I hold my lover’s hands – in rousing bliss.
First drops of rain on her blushing cheek
Roll with a flaunted cheer in its splashing and drips
Off her chin into my palm. As if a thousand kisses
Bequeath on her; Mother Nature in all her love.
Chirps & tweets of crickets and birds, sound out concerns;
As though the sky had fallen off - from above.
My love she sights the innocent calls & smiles off the naive concerns.

I hold her hands with a heart as light as a feather's grace.

My friend you see, freedom is in the now and not to be seeked.



Anoop Madhusudanan said...

Awesome dear, love to read some of your posts, very nicely written. Keep writing :)

arun said...

thanx Anoop :D ... It was written when I had a really peaceful mind and I feel it is the best of what I could write up to now :D