Monday, March 24, 2008

Territories of Comfort & Competition

Recently, a friend of mine wished to be critical about a team that he was part of at work. The team being made out of a need basis, had little to gel together for. He being the odd one out was being eyed on for removal from the team. He feels discriminated against and blogs his disgust. I reasoned like this ...

The central nature of any form of existence - a car, a mountain, a human, an animal, etc, is to compete for survival. They are all made of electrons & photons. When there is instability and emptiness, there is a need for fulfillment.

In this competition procreation becomes a tool, a very need based tool, to breed and further your kind. The kind may be a caste, tribe, a pack of lions, a herd of sheep, a clout of locusts, etc. We being relatively the most advanced beings in nature are only different in one way - We are capable of reasoning. At some point in human history of evolution, we had to have a survival feature and that was reasoning.

Now having grown out of the need to survive in wild environments and compete with other wild elements for survival, we need to fight among territories of comfort - Man's self made imaginary spaces around himself. Comfort here is a skill area, which he wishes to use to effect a regular source of daily-bread & shelter. In layman terms, we call it a JOB.

To understand TOC's better lets consider an analogy - If you have observed dogs or lions, they have a process of marking a territory and guarding it with full caution. The territory will have their source of food, their female species and children. The stronger the lion or dog, or the larger the pack, the larger will be the area and hence the decision maker. If you extrapolate the same to humans - The stronger the person , physically, the better chances of him getting the perfect girl. We have houses which define status of a person. We have land which again gives decision making capability. Also, we have intellect which defines how much you earn and are known.

TOC is an area around you - a shell, which you define to protect your existence. The harder the competitive environment, the thicker the shell. TOC's protect you for a while, but then, it can also go out of control, as ... by nature we are all competitive... and Selfish!

You really cannot complain, if you are good enough to be competitive ... Be Happy, you are good at what you do. Also, strive to be better. Better yourself against yourself, while you are at it. The world will only fight to better you and you will just be getting better and better ... Now is that not a better way to look at things ... Simple !

The friend was Selva G, and you can read his blog on - Request all of you to read through this well written blog, its worth your time.

" Competition is inevitable. "


Kalindi Sharma said...

certainly well written
as usual :P
but then what would the thinker say to discrimination which is not at all based on genesis? i mean we zeroed in on procreation as the basic tool for stability, the ability to further our kind but is not it a complete narrowing down of the issues we face in our day to day life...what if there are no people from opposite sex involved? what if there are no territories based on the need for access to the other half which intermingle, have conflicting arena?
procreation could be a major reason, one of the many reason but not the sole criterion on which the definition of TOC is placed.
i babble a lot at times...
dont mind :P

selva ganapathy said...

Well written [as usual :D]contradiction to that but I feel the content is misinterpreted :P... I'll come up with the reply :).

But dude... you write well.

Anonymous said...
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