Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Grass is always greener on the other side ! ... Really !!

As every morning, while I was trying hard releiving some bottled up pressure, it struck me like a jolt. The grass on the other side really does not grow green by itself . . . It requires to be nurtured to that persistent sheen that it develops. But then again, there are the seasons when this green grass does turn dark. Reminded me also of a statement from Rang De Basanti । . . " कोई भी देश perfect नही हैं उसे perfect बनाना होता है " . . .

The grass I am talking about is happiness. We generally look outside ourselves for happiness. In the happiness of a 2nd person or a group of people or our parents or siblings or for pets or in achieveing a material possesion. Happiness here now is dependent on this external component that is not in our control. The definition of happiness here I see is more like this - "A state of satisfaction-of-achievement in harmony with the surrounding or with the laws of the environment of existence". The self is always 2nd priority to this happiness given.

I would not recommend you be selfish and work towards your happiness only, while not achieving this harmony. As long as your act of balance, with your current ecosystem, does not adversely affect other elements, in a manner that brings pain & loss to many others around you ... & As long as your act of balance does not create a dissent or concern inside you, that leads to an unbalance of your internal self ... then, any act of balancing that you do becomes a question of just which act is - " More right among two rights " or " Less wrong among two wrongs ".

Simply said, while maintaining this external balance with your current environment, if you do not create a similar balance in yourself ... then, you cannot be truly happy! So to conclude, I would say this that - The grass can be greener on your side and your neighbors side at the same time, its just a matter of how much effort you put into making it green and the quality of what you feed it.

So, stay healthy, treat yourselves to good friends and peers, and treat yourselves to a well-deserved break once in a while :D And remember while taking care of others, (if you do), please do take care of yourselves also. I clearly am not available to solve your problems or help you !

... foof ... Now as the pressure is relieved I feel more in harmony with my surroundings ... The toilet is a really conducive environment for great thoughts !! :D

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