Friday, December 28, 2007

Stop Thinking !!

In this very under-thought blog, I am going to brief you on:

"Why should you not think too much?"

This being a blog that is being written due to frustrations arising from most people who excessively think and waste my time, I am going to be brief and don't want to appear over-thought. How difficult is a yes or no ? ... Batao aur khatam karo ... itne sochte kyun ho ! There is nothing to lose, as you have come here with nothing and are going to go with nothing.

Now the consequences of over-thinking I believe you will need to contemplate on are as below. Feel free to add as comments or points you think are relevant as undeniable consequences of thinking:
  1. You could actually be wasting somebody's precious time, in not acting your part.
  2. You could take somebody's life when you are thinking - ex: Cause an accident, etc
  3. It could actually waste your time to execute a menial task.
  4. Thinking could drive people you love away from you, due to lack of action in expressing your love.
  5. Your thinking, beyond a stipulated amount of time will Distract and Annoy people. Imagine how such people affect you. So control !

So, I say 'Think as a Hobby' and 'Act as part of Your Nature' !


selva ganapathy said...

tum itna sochte kyun hai le?????...stop thinking.. tension nahi lene ka.

neha said...

You,don't think so much,den why u have so much frustrations.

In Serch of ...... said...

the most negative and frustrated blog i read ever ....
we don't need to correct people actully , we need to improve our self ...
so ekdum BINDAAS rahne ka... :)

Raj said...

OK ladies & Gentlemen ... I just wanted to make a statement here on why you should NOT EXCESSIVELY take your time and over-think things ... I make my own decisions based on intuition and instinct and do not think more than 1-time before I do sumtin ... !!!

Overthinking can Kill !!!! :D