Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Queen !

In the light of the dusking sun;
I call out to my lovely Queen:
The Queen of my heart!

Oh, My Queen! So Divine & Sweet!
There be no ray that doeth not wish,
To blush your Face.

There be no Breeze not sunk – in your exquisite Fragrance.
If there be a Glimmer to Light my Life:
It is the Glow, of your Eyes in love.

If there be a moment I wish to live
Of last; it would be,
Every moment I am with you. “

And so, with the Sun now set,
I wish and hope unto God; may every Dawn
Till Eternity, I be with My Queen: My Oh So Lovely Queen !

In the Light of the Dusking Sun;
I call out to My Lovely Queen:
The Queen of my heart!

... Eternally in Love ...

By Arun Raj
March 2005


selva ganapathy said...

Wonderful one.. I remember you showed this to me at Spice

Ritty said...
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In Serch of ...... said...

nice and fresh ...
for whom you have written it , :)

Anonymous said...

very nicely written arun....very beautiful use of words...
even i want to know for whom u have written it??? ;)
Keep up the good work dude..:)