Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Lion Hearted !

The eyes of a dragon, in a breathe of fire.
Anger alone his power and dare.

Face up to him as his snare unveil,
At the burst of which we may swallow a whale.

This is life a dragon at heart,
His intention none; but to make us strong at heart.

He likes to slay us once in a while,
With no mercy is his own style.

Face away from him and be taken by his blow.
Face up to him inside yourself to dare and grow.

My words so thus are my expression of faith,
In a life that is a lion's respite and heaven's insight.

Arun Raj
Written on 30/06/2005


Kalindi Sharma said...

......and i really appreciate you writing all this .....guess you have earned a loyal fan for your write ups .. :)

selva ganapathy said...

Good one :)....

neha said...

Gud comparison.....

sugandha said...

hey good post! you appreciated the toughness of life so well :)...what an irony!