Friday, December 14, 2007

Hunger - Emotionally !!


Hunger is a funny emotion. It can be:
  1. A sign of total misery, or
  2. Forced Hunger or A sign to keep fighting sometimes to complete objectives to fulfill the need for food - Work in short , or
  3. A materialistic wanting of the human body.


Now taking different scenarios into consideration:

Sign of total Misery

When you haven’t had anything proper for ages and start getting completely under-nourished, while also not having the resources to get a 3 time good meal.

The duration of hunger now becomes an eternal period of unrest, where you make yourself feel it is as a routine nuisance of the restless mind.

Forced Hunger or When you are fighting to complete objectives

Tiring from work we try to fix focus on work with a grumbling stomach. But then since you missed your breakfast for work, this was a foreseen unavoidable consequence.

Then focus on the sumptuous meal and visualize it as a treasure, preferably a picture from the pages of a cook book ... Mmmmmmmmm ... 

Materialistic wanting of the human body

This is an important scenario to be understood, 'coz they say the spirit does not get hungry ... The body just needs enough energy to sustain a search our soul has undertaken. This need for energy now our body has come to accept routinely, through intake of FOOD. So now, hunger can also be perceived as an ungratified want.

This type of hunger they say can also be satisfied by eating thin air … literally ... some yogis and ‘enlightened souls’, seemed to have done it. This, as hearsay goes, is a specialized capability of training of the mind and body, to adjust with available nourishment with maximum intake utilization. It still is not about not eating or eating thin air ;)

What you should KNOW?!

Type 1: You surely won't be able to do much about this but become a good manager. Knowledge of what you actually do get to eat and then managing it efficiently to reach an optimum utilization to intake ratio .Get smart... dire situations need planned desperate measures.

Type 2: Feels like it makes you stronger, but creates medical problems and incidentally affects your work & life, so think before you do this. The work would be the one you were trying to stay hungry and complete. So whatever does happen, you shouldn't miss any of the three meals.

Type 3: Spirituality is the subtle management of utilization to intake ratio, when we are discussing in terms of hunger. When regular intake utilization is 50-60% requiring more intake to reach necessary levels, this case of hunger would be at intake utilization of 90 to 95% .This is achieved by a discipline - following tasks and patterns of diet which are best for the body.


Hunger is only a state of mind. Suppress it, but follow a good routine by meticulously evaluating your utilization to intake ratio. This can lead to multiple benefits:

  • Effective nourishment
  • Save food and help a soul suffering Type 1 Hunger soul
  • Help and direct others to optimize utilization to intake ratios, consequentially saving food for distribution to needy or else cost savings
So, have you felt hungry today!!

This was wrote at a time when I had a whole week to go before I get my next salary, had only 100 bucks left for the week and had a heavy duty self-esteem and ego. The ego said fight, so I stayed hungry, escaping into work, where I searched for satisfaction. So, effectively becoming a hungry Soul of Type I, II & III.

Also, please ignore the Sarcasm inbuilt some statements.

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So nia said...

Okie..appreciation in return..
"Experience speaks" & speaks lounder than anything. That was a ground level realistic Hunger analysis dude.Gr8!