Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Once in a lifetime experience !!

If life could be more unpredictable then ... I'm in for the same. The fear of unknowing is an adrenalin rush that drives me to great heights of pleasure. ( I guess that is why planning is something I do not do ;) ) ... This was one such experience, with some great friends of mine.

7.30 pm to 11.40 pm - 18th October 2007

Through to a sleepless night ... waiting for daybreak :)

11.40 pm to 6.30 am- 19th October 2007

It was once in a lifetime event for all of us.

And im really glad that all of us met. From miles away and cultures apart, we met as friends on a common platform - LIFE. Now we seek our paths with blessings a lot and many a sweet memories to cherish.

LOVE YA ALL .. !! :) - Siddharth, Mohit, Rupa, MunMun, Ravish, George, Bobin, Mridula, Ankit ...

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