Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back Office Blunders

The globalization parade always raised one question in my limited thought process – Is this what we learn a 4 year Bachelor of technology for and does it depict what we are really capable of? With globalization, our focus dissipated to only satisfying the requirements of a world which seeks only to improve its own comfort and efficiency, than looking at the issues at hand in our nation.

Planning for long-term reliable sources of income rather than immediate gratification was what made nomads into civilizations. From that perspective then, I question how far-flung are our current plans and planning of our future sources of incomes are? When 65% of our populace earning direct or indirect income from varied sources of agriculture activities, we still consider feeding electricity to the rest 35% now is of top priority. The 123 Nuclear Deal with the US has been over-shadowed by the KIA (Knowledge Initiative for Agriculture education) initiative signed by our honourable PM with the US Premier. The deal fails to state any direct relation or notification of our national agrarian crisis. A week ago, I myself not aware of this sign off felt rather imperceptive, as most of the media focus was laid on the 123 Deal only.

When they are shifting their low-skill activities to our nation which has one of the richest levels of intellectual capability in the world, we are just lying down and taking it. If they stand to gain with high cost non-core activities being out-sourced to low-cost labor entities like our nation, we again stand lose such skills developed to low-value jobs. Not just that the blatant under-estimation of our latent skill and capability disgusts me, but also beyond just underutilization we are also effectively underpaid for our skill.

Trends are never sustainable and the markets have proven it many a time. Knee-jerk reactions to trends like BPOs, GM seeds, etc, without studying impact on long term effects and consequences was bound to recoil in its path with a painful force. We are still ignorant of the pain, as we are high on the ecstasy of stock market growth and money coming into the system. Our government now is largely ignorant of the adverse consequences evident from short-sighted and immediate-gratification policy making.

Now, with adaptation of certain shallow traditions over-shadowing our years of tradition and culture, we are not able to respect and admire the richness rooted in our past. Blindly accepting a culture of a civilization only hundreds of years old, we voluntarily under-state our centuries old culture. Our misguided youth, in pursuit of relatively perceived glitz and glamour have been made insensitive of the fact that real growth will only reflect with the growth of nation as a whole. We need to set national goals that are both achievable and reasonable, based on studied conclusions with due respect to our natural ecology.

I call you to action my friends. Its do or die!

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