Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Albert - To have loved is better than never to have at all !

This is one person I found in my humble lifetime that likes to take a hit for many an avoidable shots that life puts to him and takes it with elan. End of the day I have to answer his one question : " Why am I like this ?", to which I answer : "I told you so, but you still are the same."

He is an awesome manager instinctively, which he would not acknowledge. Something natural about him in making work done by people without them knowing they have done it, is something effective management is all about, and dear Albert, you are exceptional at this. This guy makes the system around him work towards his goals with the world unaware of it. And yet today he wastes his time lazing around doing an insignificant software job, which is inundating his capabilities as a great manager.

He is been to me more than a friend who was there in some of the most difficult moments of my life till today. As a brother and a friend he has been valuable person to many a person's life he is related to. Giving heart for thorns is an offering most average people find hard to live with, but here is a soul that lives and breathes this attitude.

This is not a testimonial but a ode to one of my Angel's, that I in my every breathe cherish to have known and befriended.

" Love is a mis-interpreted word in today's world and some some souls still follow the true old meaning."

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Joe Cheri Ross said...

Right, Albert is a good manager and an excellent team player.