Sunday, June 3, 2007

I am Flying home in an Air Deccan !!

That heading sure does sound freaky at first, but it settles in around 10 minutes after you get in. I really don't want to make a statement saying it is a BAD flight, but make clear that I was expecting something worse. The only things that did trouble me, or in a way excited me, was of the possibility that, this whole flight would just stall in mid-air and crash. But, that does not happen all that too often right !

But then to my delightful surprise it was not the flight that was the adventure it was more of the journey to catch the flight and the boarding that was the FUN :) here goes ...

Saturday 2nd May 2007 -

I prepared my luggage, cleaned up my room and was waiting for Neha to come. She does come but with a sweet little lady her niece Navya. When they left it was time for me to track Sid out, who is expected to drop me at Delhi Airport. The adventure begins at 42 deg C, having me to walk 1 Km to the railway station where Sid would pick me up. Sid drops his jaws seeing my baggage that I'm carrying It has to be carried on his 6-year old Honda Scooter. "If it was a little more bigger we would have required a truck to carry it !" he said, just jokingly.

Now starts the dash for the quickest crossing from one end of Delhi to the next end to reach the Airport at Palam. 45 Minutes was real fast and I don't think we saw a speed below 60Kmph, which on Delhi roads & traffic is sometimes called speeding.

We reached the airport a little bit too early as check-in does not begin 2 hours prior. Sid left and I was left hoping for that perfect travel companion, as if there was nothing else left to do. And yes, there was nothing left to do ! Other than watch those lovely god's creations called Delhi girls, while they mercilessly swayed my mind as each one passes my flirty eyes, reveling at the treat, I was entirely jobless.

The heat had just begun to rise as the air-conditioning system in the airport lounge seemed to be on a strike of sorts. I wondered if it may be because they were not supplied proper power supply. Now, combined with the notorious history of Delhi airport's & Indian airline carriers to delay flights, people just had to raise their flab against this inconvenience.

Just in time, SpiceJet had to be the bait this time around. Their flight at 7pm was delayed by 2hrs and the present time being 5.30pm, it was just too long a time to wait. So, the passengers had fun by firing the sweet bum's of the airport manager and the AC in-charge. Intriguingly, as the AC in-charge arrived cool air starts flowing, as though some divine intervnetion had taken place.

Just when I thought the fun was over !! Then again something comes up ! The call for my flight just came in, and even before I realised there was a call for boarding flight DN621 there seems to have been a funnel like queue already formed. This funnel converged into a one-single-person-fitting checking counter, where things seemed to happen at a snail-pace compared to the growth of the queue size.

The flight ground staff had a difficult time supporting the final security-check process. One lady manning the security check, reached her peak of patience and cracked, while slightly nudging a passenger with a hoarse tone of voice. She now had to face the wrath of the passenger. As the passenger and the lady were enjoying the bout together, somehow a definable queue started growing behind. Oh, how nice are these people now !!

Time to board the plane after my checking is over. Its been 5 years since I boarded a plane, and even now the old notion of the plane stalling in mid-air and just dropping to the ground hit me. The exciting part about take off for me, always was the G-force that you feel at the point where the wheels just launch off the runway. It gives me a kick of adventure of sorts and thoughts like 'Can I jump of this plane with a parachute' or 'Could I be the one that brings down the hijackers' or ... lots of crazy things hit me.

The best part was when I got out the flight with the one statement shouting out loud to the Chennai skies - "Yo Chennai .. the sweet smell of the south .. mmmmmmmmmmmm". Its more of a nostalgic and mesmerising effect that I start hallucinating to the effect of feeling a smell of the south.

I place my first call to my angel who would pick me up - Emy. I have known Emy for 5 years and she has become one of the best of friends ( part of my list of Angels ) that I have known in my humble lifetime. Emy and Binny were to receive me at Chennai and I am expected to spend the next one day with them at their place, before I catch my train to HOME.

I'm grateful to my GOD, my parents, my friends and all the other people mentioned here (of whose names I do not know ) for this awesome experience. This adventure journey has been an experience that was once in a lifetime and rare.

" Life is beautiful, Its just the way you perceive it ! "

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