Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday 6th Nov 2006 - A Fun Experience with Myself :)

First of all on saturday morning my roomie went out with his gurl to do mushy mushy stuff in sum park. So ,I was alone and had no particular plan. So LETS GO ... Me and Myself went out happily to a mall nearby called CENTRE STAGE MALL. So reached there started roamin around for while.. went to the multiplex there .. BUT no movie that i wanted to see, in a long while until 2 or 3pm ..

So finally at around 1.15 went to a Cookie shop and fergot 400rs and walked away .. Now travellin in a cycle rikshaw almost 2 kms away.. ... Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. I fergot 400 rs .... OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY ... .. Go rikshaw walle bhai .. LETS GO .. He also said LETS GO .. .. We are now on a rush trip back to the mall, the traffic stopping us and the rash driving proving as estranged obstacles .. We were cool .. we flew past all that ... And we reached the surrounding of the mall , the policewalla does not allow us to enter the vicinity of the mall .... we try a different route .. and bounced back by 3 policewallas .. we now finally escape and reach the mall back ...

The Cookie shop guys now search their whole register .. but no chance its not in there .. Tried to argue with them for a while but no use .. MY 400rs gone .. COOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL... Now wht do i do ????? I left and went back tto my rickshaw walla and him to take me to another mall ..

I thanked the rikshaw walla and you knw wht ..??? he actually caught me and adviced me ... Tht was one great advice .. I was happy after that and planned to fix up my memory issue .. Sad but ...recovering from the loss .. I now end up in the next mall .. I thought a fine movie would help me get outof it ... but no yaar .. that does not work .. Did not get the movie i wanted .. it was scheduled for 8.15 and I missed the present show by 15-20 minutes .. Hmmm.... wht do i do now ..Mohit is not coming bck till 5-6 pm..

So I go Barnie's Coffee .. found a nice comfy sofa and sat there for the next 6 HOURS .. I finally even got a free drink after socializing with the gang there .. That was after spendin almost 150rs there The 6 hours I sat there ... I got a heavy flow of ideas for the program that i was expected to handle .. I have to present my Engagement plan on Wednesday .. 2 days from now .. I need to start working on it .. And That was saturday .. very eventful ..

Ohh I dint tell u .. i wentt to the mall b'coz the previous day i fergot sumtin at another shop .. some stuff that i bought, with the security there ... and came coolly back and later realising i had fergotten it .. And I ferget again ... That was one of my saturday's in NOIDA ... ;)

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