Friday, May 18, 2007

My Neural Hypothesis for Intuition

If you have an understanding of the neural processes in your brain .. i believe intuition is easier to understand. The brain is actually a Storage Box of information and has been trained with the capability of linking and processing multiple inputs to achieve or reach to conclusions.
We know that all people perceive different events differently. The reason, because the millions of neurons interconnect and process the same information with different inputs .. hence the different outputs. Leading to varied thought processes.

Now coming to intuition my theory is as follows :I think it is more of a probablity science. The people who say they have intuition are more or less very capable at probablity, subconciously. But to compare an established mathematician and a person with intuition does not make sense.
If any of us would have followed the Numbers series on AXN, you would know the capability of mathematics in predicting situations.

So,then the conclusion of my hypothesis is that : Intuition is more of a subconcious mind's probablity skill than anything else. Not a miracle or of any other external influencers.

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