Friday, May 18, 2007

Emergence of the 'GOD' - A hypothesis ! - Part 1 - Fear of loss of control

The story begins long ago when man was not of the same physical shape and of a civilised nature, when the 'Survival Instinct' was his only way of reasoning. He was clearly not the most powerful creature around. He had to find a way to protect himself and guard himself against the more powerful creatures around him.

While every creature around him found a way to survive ,either by camouflaging itself or with some physical capability to protect itself ,Man had none. Neither did he have a skin that could blend into the environment, nor did he have the legs to run fast, and also did not hv the teeth to bite into raw flesh. His only resort was to use the skill and instinct he evolved called - Reasoning.

Reasoning led him to understanding the nature of fire and also on deciding the best type of food for his survival. He then reached a point where his reasoning told him that working in teams can be more effective than alone. Understanding the synergy of working in groups he hunted in groups and stayed together for then he could face the stronger creatures with more might and lesser energy.

The new synergy of achieving more in groups and communicating experiences made him reason his 'existence'. They now tried to understand the laws of nature, fire, thunder, the sun, etc. Now , some of the older, louder or smarter creatures took control of the growth of this thought processes for their own benefits or other reasons and manipulated the mindsets. Here comes the rise of the 'GOD' concept. These proponents of the 'GOD' concept developed and manipulated the fear of this unknown power and explained each natural consequence with repect to 'GOD' or a greater power.

Fear of something more powerful than them now starts to set in to the lower souls minds.

End of Part 1.

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