Thursday, September 17, 2015

With You, Without You !

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And then there was your supple lips, 
Marshmallow pink and candy sweet. 
I am taken to love them like a child 
To its teddy, for hours and hours. 

The end of summer and the start of more, 
For the fire of love, and steer of heart, 
I want your hips against mine, 
Humming songs in its own tune. 

Give me a taste of those ample bosoms, 
To lust is a distaste in my heart's chambers. 
For that morning after, your body's glow, 
In all its bare glory, is a sight - a misplaced bloom. 

When you were at an arm's length, 
In those days of drowsy rains, a pint in hand, 
I used to wiggle out, to get my soul wet; 
The pain of a messiah's sacrifice looms. 

Your laugh, so sprinkled in dares, 
To get me to ask for more. 
Fairness, righteousness, lost causes- I felt. 
That laugh - uncouth, I can't forget. 

The last we held each other, I dwelled  
With you pressed against my wet soul,  
Colored white in pain, I cried. 
That hug we miss, like a song 
I remember - weary now, I am, & glum. 

~ Arun